Project information

Client Name

Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs


60,000 m3/day


Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant

About project

EMCO scope: Design, Supply, Execution, Operation and Guarantee

Type of this project was Waste water treatment plant including primary treatment, secondary treatment, tertiary treatment and sludge treatment utlizing the activated sludge process .

The main unit operating includes:

Inlet pumping station to lift the sewage water to the inlet works -Inlet work consisting of screening and grit removal for the removal of debris and grit particles form the raw sewage water Biological treatment including the aeration tanks and secondary clarifiers to reduce the biological contamination  from the sewage water -Tertiary treatment consisting of deep gravity filters Sludge treatment consisting of sludge digestion and sludge dewatering and Main Electrical Panel and Control system with PLC scada for fully automation of the plant.

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