Project information

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Saline Water Conversion Company (SWCC)


74.6 MIGPD (330,000 m3/day)


Limestone Remineralization Plant

About project

14000 m³/hr of distillate water from SWCC MSF desalination plant is diverted to the Remineralization plant as raw water.

CO2 gas is injected on the main feed header to render the water acidic hence aggressive to dissolve the limestone.

The Remineralization plant is split into three identical streams. Each stream has a capacity of 4667 m3/hr composed of 8 no. limestone dissolver filters.

A backwash recovery system consisting of several tanks used to clarify the wastewater hence recycles it via pumps to the main feed header for maximum water usage and reducing the drain flow. 

Refilling of the limestone into the filters is done using a complete limestone filling and discharge system consisting of silos, pumps and specialized equipments for that purpose.

Effluent from each Remineralization stream header is joined together in return product line feeding SWCC product water storage tanks. Treated water is being pumped to Riyadh city as potable and service water.

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