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Ministry of Water and Electricity


Basic design capacity 15,000 m3/day


UF Pre-Treatment System and Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Plant

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The process of treatment is based on reverse osmosis system with brackish water membranes with pretreatment by ultra-filtration membranes. The plant is designed to treat the well water having TDS of 2129 mg/l.

The treatment plant consists of 2 main RO blocks each of permeate output 6,825 m3/d. Permeate from the two RO blocks is then blended with ultra-filtered water to produce 15,000m3/d of treated water.  The recovery of the RO blocks is 85% and the recovery of the treatment plant with blending is 86.16%.

Objective of the treatment is to remove suspended solids and to bring down TDS, radioactive elements Radium Ra226+228 and Radon Rn222 and various other contaminants present in the well water, in order to make the water suitable for drinking as per WHO potable water standards.

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