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 Beirut and Mount Lebanon Water Establishment


 More than 100 Potable water pumping stations, Boreholes and Reservoirs


Automation, Telemetry and SCADA systems

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EMCO Engineering has been awarded the design, supply, programming, implementation, installation, testing, commissioning, three years operation and maintenance for SCADA system in order to ensure proper and efficient operation of water distribution network by monitoring and controlling  100+ distributed sites comprising of pumping stations, Wells and reservoirs.This project being funded by the World Bank, EMCO Engineering was selected among 12 International and local companies to execute the project.The Scope includes the installation, configuration, programming, testing and commissioning of Flowmeters, pressure transmitters, Reservoir Level transmitters, Diesel Tank level transmitters, valves Motorized actuators, UPS, PLC/RTU Panels. 3G/WIMAX Routers, SCADA central Room comprising redundant servers, operator workstations and Network infrastructure. The communication between the remote sites and the SCADA central station is ensured via DNP3 protocol over 3G and WIMAX communication infrastructure.Significant number of sites has been successfully commissioned and put into operation. Balance sites are forecasted to be completed by August 2018.”


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