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Ministry of Water and Electricity


Basic design capacity 40,000 m3/day, increased to 43,000 m3/day


Brackish Water Low Energy Membranes Reverse Osmosis Plant

About project

The treatment process is based on reverse osmosis system with brackish water low energy membranes.  The plant is designed to treat two sources of wells water, one source is from wells within the premises of the treatment plant (Old wells) and the other source is from wells located far outside the premises of the treatment plant (New wells).

As quality of wells water on both the sources are different, they are stored in separate compartment of the raw water tank and treated separately and then blended after the RO Blocks for post treatment and then send to the product water storage tanks.

The old wells water has TDS of 589 mg/l, and the new wells water has TDS of 577 mg/l. The treatment plant consists of total 4 RO Blocks, two RO Blocks each for treating old wells water and new wells water, each RO Block of capacity 8,000 m3/d as RO product water. On permeate of RO Blocks from the old wells, 1000m3 of filtered water from the old wells is blended, whereas on permeate of RO Blocks from the new wells, 10,000 m3 of filtered water from the new wells is blended to produce total of 43,000 m3/d of product water from the treatment plant. The recovery rate from the 4 RO Blocks is 85% and the overall conversion rate of the treatment plant is 88.39%.

Objective of the treatment is to remove suspended solids and to bring down TDS, radioactive elements Radium Ra226+228 and Radon Rn222 and various other contaminants present in the wells water, in order to make the water suitable for drinking as per WHO potable water standards.

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