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Midland Refineries Co. (MRC)


12,000 m3/day


Reverse Osmosis

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EMCO has successfully completed the commissioning of one of the most sophisticated reverse osmosis water system projects in Iraq – the Daura Refinery RO plant. The plant, with a water treatment capacity of 12,000 m3/day, was implemented according to the latest and most stringent oil industry standards amidst a very difficult execution landscape within a very short timeframe.  The water treatment plant is fully automated using the latest automation tools from ABB – ABB Freelance 800 DCS System.  The plant’s main operation is the treatment of river water to provide high purity water essential for increasing the refined oil capacity needed in Iraq, which is of great strategic importance to the country today.

Operated by the Midland Refineries Co. (MRC), Daura Refinery is located just outside Baghdad. It was constructed in 1953 and started operations in 1955.

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