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Ministry of Water and Electricity


150,000 m3/day


Brackish Water Nano-filtration Membranes Reverse Osmosis Plant

About project

The process of treatment is based on reverse osmosis system with Nano Filtration membranes. The plant is designed to treat the wells water having TDS of 600 mg/l. The treatment plant consists of 16 NF blocks each of capacity 9375 m3/d to produce 150,000m3/day of treated water.

Objective of the treatment is to remove suspended solids and to bring down total dissolved solids (TDS), radioactive elements Ra226+228 (Radium) and Rn222 (Radon) and various other contaminants present in the wells water, in order to make the water suitable for drinking as per specs requirements.

EMCO was the winner of the best water project award of year 2011 of H2O magazine water award

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