Water Desalination

Oceans cover 97% of the earth, making them the primary source of water for 60% of the world’s population that lives near coastal areas. With advancements in membrane technology, energy recovery devices and energy efficient pumps, desalination using Reverse Osmosis (RO) membranes has become a viable solution. EMCO has commissioned and installed hundreds of RO plants throughout the Middle East, North Africa and the United States. Three decades of experience in designing, construction, and operations and maintenance has made EMCO a regional leader in seawater desalination plant engineering using RO membranes.

A typical RO plant consists of pre-treatment, desalination using RO membranes and post-treatment systems, along with storage facilities and pipe networks. With many variables to control and the sometimes unpredictable nature of the source water, achieving maximum output with minimum energy consumption becomes an incredibly complex task. EMCO engineers RO plants in various configurations, ensuring that specific client needs are met while maintaining the highest quality standards for every facet of the projects. WATCH VIDEO

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